Welcome New Models

Sophia Rios Duvall (10)

Sophia is a 10 year old model who is intelligent, determined, motivated, hard working, happy, compassionate, and caring. She enjoys sports and has played basketball for 2 seasons at the YMCA. She also loves volleyball and plays club softball.
Sophia has trained in dance and Gymnastics on and off since she was 18 months old. Sophia also has had some training in singing.

Photo Credit: Carol Skipwith

Alyssa Juliano (5)

Alyssa is a 5 year old model who is a sweet, quirky, hardworking, sensitive, enthusiastic, empathetic, comical, leader & team player. She enjoys dance (ballet/acro-basic jazz/tap), cheer/soccer (I9/little kickers), yoga, music (auto harp/bells), gymnastics. She also likes to run, sing, bike.

Photo Credit: Erika Durdle Photography

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