Cutie-Q Direct Bookings

ALL of our Pro Models were directly booked for the Land Of Enchantment Family Film & Fashion Festival (EFx4) in June. Here they are at the Costume Design Photoshoot modeling the designs of Madison Van Der Lingen (Model Alex Gopal), Jimmie Wolf (Model Julian Gopal, twice), Donna Resendez (Sonora Udell & Katara Dodson-Sands), and Kali McMillan (Sonora Dodson-Sands & Alex Gopal). EFx4 also had an FX-Makeup contest in which our pro model Julian Gopal also modeled. Our other pros were booked for the FX gig as well but one of the makeup artists didn’t show up at the last minute. Our Cutie-Q pro-models were there and ready, raising the standards of professionalism in the industry! Costume Design Photos by: Dave Stabely Photography. FX Makeup photos by PhotoArt Photography

Cutie-Q Model Alex Gopal (lt) (Designer: Madison Van Der Lingen- 2020 Winner)
Cutie-Q Model Julian Gopal (lt) (Designer: Jimmie Wolf)
Cutie-Q Models Sonora Udell (lt) & Katara Dodson-Sands (rt) (Designer: Donna Resendez)
Cutie-Q model Julian Gopal (rt) (Designer: Jimmie Wolf- 2021 Winner)

Cutie-Q Models Sonora Udell (lt) & Alex Gopal (rt) (Designer: Kali McMillan)
Cutie-Q Model Julian Gopal (FX Makeup Artist: Tenzie Boucher)

BREAKIN’ Published

Cutie-Q Youth Models Alex & Julian Gopal were published in April 2021’s edition of CliQ Mag International, along with EH Model Lauren Volchansky. Together with photographer Adam Durant, the team paid homage to the 1980’s films Breakin’ and Breakin2: Electric Boogaloo

Día de los Muertos

Some of our models participated in the 2020 Día de los Muertos Virtual Fashion Show this year. Thank you E.H Modeling Academy, Somostumejoropcion, & PhotoArt Photography for this wonderful experience! Here are our pros & links to some more event photos and the actual video below!

Retro Tennis Spread in CliQ Mag International

Congratulations to our pro-teens Alex Gopal (16), Anodyne Smithe (15), Julian Gopal (14), and Sonora Udell (13). They were selected to model for this retro-tennis photo spread featured in October 2020’s issue of CliQ Mag International

Dudley Do-Right Booking

Pro-Level Cutie-Q Models Sonora, Alex, & Julian were booked by Dave Stabley Photography to work on a Dudley Do-Right re-creation which was prublished in CliQ International Magazine.

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