How to become a Cutie-Q

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Application/ Membership Requirements

  •  We are NOT a modeling agency, we are a group of parents volunteering our time to help promote youth modeling, facilitate education and training, seek out and build opportunities in the modeling industry in a safe, age appropriate environment for our children.
  • Initial non-refundable application fee of $15.00, this fee does not guarantee your membership into Cutie-Q models. However, this fee is applied to annual membership dues.
  • Membership dues are required to help with overhead like hosting the website, insurance, marketing, and other incidentals associated with running a business.
  • Current membership rates:
    • $60/year for all new and ongoing members (less initial application fee of $15)
    • Board members and representatives are allowed one free model per year for each year they have served on the board.
    • Please note: prior to 2020 volunteer hours were required opposed to membership fee. The board voted for membership fees inplace of mandatory volunteer hours in 2020.
  • 15 and under, current members may stay with Cutie-Q until their 18th birthday
  • By submitting, you are confirming that your model has a valid social security number and can legally work in the United States, as a New Mexico resident.
  • Your model should want to be a “Model”:
    • Children/ teenagers- Should be well behaved, confident, and comfortable in front of the camera, and comfortable meeting new people.
    • Do not force your child into this business, your child(ren) should want to be a professional model.
  • At the “Entry or Beginner” level, you will be required to have the minimum standard marketing materials including 1 professional  modeling photo (headshot), a modeling resume in Cutie-Q modeling format or their Agent’s format. – Parents are required to keep all materials current and updated.
  • In order to level up, models will be required to have anywhere from 6-12 hrs of print/runway training annually with proof of attendance- Cutie-Q holds classes throughout the year. We also recommend other local trainers. Other measures of leveling up include: amount or level of experience, bookings, professionalism, and skills.
  • Parents must have a facebook account and must monitor the Cutie-Q modeling facebook page for updates
  • Parents must monitor email as the parent will be contacted directly for bookings- Parents must forward the booking email to Cutie-Q Models and if they have, their agent.
  • Please bear in mind that sometimes bookings can be given less than 24 hrs notice.
  • Expectations for bookings & auditions:
    • Must show up on-time and NOT be late.
    • Must be prepared!
    • Only one parent or guardian and no animals (except service animals) must always chaperone your child on all shoots at all times.
    • You and your child(ren) must remain professional at all times as you are representing Cutie-Q models

If we are interested in setting up an appointment with you, we will call or email.

If you are represented by another agency, understand that there are no conflicts between your other agency and bookings thru Cutie-Q Modeling CO-OP. We just ask that you CC us on all correspondences in order to keep us in the loop.

Please add to your address book to ensure the emails do not end up in spam. Thank you again for visiting us and taking this next step in making dreams come true for us all.

*Looking for a little insight into the life of a child model/actor? Read this article, before sending your submission, to see just how much of a commitment level is required in this business:

10 Things To Know About Raising A Child Actor – The Huffington Post

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