Application Process Part II

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One form per model. Please note that siblings and relatives are reviewed individually. We do not guarantee acceptance of one or more.
I.e. Facebook, Instagram, Friend; if referred by an agency please specify name.
We will get exact measurments if/when the applicant becomes a member.
Specify Infant, Toddler, Little Kids, Big Kids, or Adult size.
We embrace diversity and are looking for a diverse group of models to represent Cutie-Q. Please feel free to comment below.
We embrace diversity and would like a diverse group of models representing Cutie-Q.
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As a Co-Op we rely on parent involvment and pooling of resources to further the models' oppurtunites.
Please submit at least one additional look from what you've already submitted in your initial inquiry. A different look could be a different wardrobe, photographer, style, etc.., but different from what you have already submitted. If you do not have any other options, please notate in the "Further Comments" section below.
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By clicking "Submit" you certify that all answers are true and complete to the best of your knowledge. If this application leads to membership, you understand that false or misleading information in this inquiry application or interview may result in release.
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